Detroit, Chicago and the Midwest blanketed by wildfire haze from Canada

Smoke from Canadian wildfires is causing hazardous air quality in U.S. cities like Detroit, Chicago, and Pittsburgh, with warnings in effect across the Midwest.

City in focus: Chicago’s air quality was the worst globally at one point, with an “unhealthy” rating as of 9 a.m. local time.
* Several U.S. cities, including Pittsburgh, have been blanketed in a thick haze moving from Erie and the Great Lakes region.

Air quality fluctuation: Michigan’s air quality is expected to fluctuate this week between “unhealthy for sensitive groups” and “unhealthy for everyone”, according to Michigan Radio.
* An official with the American Lung Association has warned all residents to take precautions.

Warnings issued: A code red air quality alert issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is in effect for several counties all day Wednesday.
* The overall effect of the Canadian wildfires on U.S. air quality is significant, prompting numerous warnings and alerts.

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