At least 8 dead, including children, from a Russian missile strike in eastern Ukraine

A Russian missile struck a crowded restaurant in eastern Ukraine, killing at least eight people, including three children, and wounding over 50 others.

The incident: A missile hit a pizza restaurant in Kramatorsk on Tuesday night causing significant damage, with fear of more people potentially buried in the debris.
* The restaurant was a popular spot among locals, and served regular patrons from Ukraine’s military, journalists, and aid workers.

Reaction: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy described the missile attack as “a manifestation of terror.”
* Ukraine has been launching a counteroffensive since early this month.

Context: Russian forces have been regularly launching missiles at Ukrainian cities away from the front lines, including Kramatorsk, which is around 20 miles west of Bakhmut—a town the Russians captured last month in intense fighting.

Casualties: The strike resulted in at least eight deaths, including three children, and injured over 50 individuals.

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