They set sail with dreams and met disaster: Stories from the ill-fated migrant ship

Two sons of Pakistani man Muhammad Aslam are missing after a disastrous shipwreck during their illegal migration attempt to Europe.

The Backstory: The Aslam brothers, Qasim and Munir, funded their illegal migration attempt via smugglers by selling their house in Gujranwala.
* The men intended to travel from Pakistan to Dubai, then Libya, and finally set sail to Italy.

The Incident: The brothers were among the estimated 750 passengers aboard the overloaded migrant fishing vessel that departed from Libya and capsized in the Mediterranean.
* The two relatives who traveled with them survived, but the brothers are still missing.

Pakistan’s Situation: The shipwreck reflects the challenging conditions in Pakistan, driving many people to attempt illegal migration due to rising living costs and limited employment options.
* Pakistani authorities have so far arrested 10 people in connection with human smuggling networks related to the shipwreck.

Impact on the Family: The Aslam family remains hopeful but increasingly less optimistic as the brothers are yet unaccounted for after two weeks.
* The family now has a deep-seated fear of illegal sea migration, or ‘dunki’, given what has happened to the brothers.

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