Smoke from Canada’s wildfires darkens Europe’s skies

Smoke from Canada’s wildfires has reached Europe, with skies darkening over Portugal, Spain, France and other northern countries.

Crossing continents: Smoke has traveled thousands of miles from Canada’s Quebec province across the Atlantic Ocean, according to NASA satellite images.
* The smoke began reaching the Azores islands on Sunday and arrived in western Europe on Monday.

Health risks in Europe: Although the smoke in Europe is higher in the atmosphere at 1,100 meters (3,609 feet) and poses less risk to air quality, it may cause vivid sunrises and sunsets in the next few days.
* France’s skies are expected to reach maximum concentration of ash particles on Wednesday.

Impact in Canada: Over 140 communities remain under air quality alerts, and there are nearly 500 wildfires burning in Canada, with 258 of them out of control.
* The amount of land burned in Quebec this year is already 10 times greater than what has typically been seen over the past decades.

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