Actor Julian Sands found dead in California after going missing on hike

Actor Julian Sands, best known for his role in “A Room with a View,” was found dead on Mount Baldy in California after he was reported missing during a hike.

The backstory: The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s office confirmed the death of the 65-year-old actor after finding human remains on Southern California’s Mount Baldy.
* Sands went missing while hiking Mount Baldy on January 13, 2023.

Career highlight: Julian Sands was renowned for his performance in the 1985 movie “A Room with a View,” where he starred opposite Helena Bonham Carter.
* He received his acting education at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London.
* In “A Room with a View”, Sands portrayed George Emerson, a love interest to Lucy Honeychurch, played by Carter.

Range of roles: Sands’ acting career was remarkably varied, with him taking up various roles on big and small screens.
* His film credits include “Arachnophobia,” “Leaving Las Vegas,” and “The Medallion”.
* He also had appearances in TV shows such as “Castle,” “Smallville,” and “Dexter,” and was the main villain in Season 5 of the action drama “24”.

Personal passion: An avid outdoorsman, Sands found immense joy in nature.
* In a 2020 interview with The Guardian, he expressed his happiest moments were “close to a mountain summit on a glorious cold morning.”

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