A meteorologist got threats for his climate coverage. His new job is about solutions

Meteorologist Chris Gloninger is leaving TV weather forecasting to focus on climate change solutions after facing threats for his climate coverage.

His story: Gloninger believes that weather forecasts should inform viewers about the connection between climate change and extreme weather events, which has led to both praise and pushback during his career.
* He has worked at seven television stations across five states during his 18-year career.
* After facing persistent threats and harassment from an individual, Gloninger decided to pivot his career towards more direct climate action.

New direction: Gloninger will soon start a job at the Woods Hole Group, an environmental consulting organization in Massachusetts, where he will use his scientific background and communication skills to assist communities in dealing with climate change.

Facing challenges: The threats and harassment experienced by Gloninger highlight the difficulties some meteorologists face when discussing climate change in their reporting. Nonetheless, more meteorologists are incorporating climate change into their work despite the politicization of the issue.

Encouraging dialogue: Gloninger advises others to practice kindness, respect differing opinions, and avoid hostility in discussions about climate change, emphasizing the importance of love, compassion, and understanding.

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