‘We’re not doing that’: A Black couple won’t crowdfund to pay medical debt

Black Americans are less likely to use crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe to pay their medical debts, which may exacerbate long-standing racial inequalities.

By the numbers: Medical debt affects an estimated 100 million people in the U.S., with Black Americans 50% more likely than white Americans to face such debt.
* Black Americans use GoFundMe less and typically receive less money from their campaigns compared to white Americans.

The impact: The imbalance of medical crowdfunding can potentially widen the existing racial wealth gap and perpetuate stereotypes.
* Black families have a median of $23,000 in assets, while white families have around $184,000.

Barriers to crowdfunding: Cultural norms and sensitivities about being judged for seeking help from strangers often influence the decision to avoid crowdfunding for medical support in the Black community.
* Families within the Black community often rely on their tight-knit support networks for financial assistance rather than asking strangers for help.

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