The conservative New Democracy party wins a landslide victory in Greek elections

Greece’s conservative New Democracy party wins a landslide victory in the country’s second election, forming a comfortable parliamentary majority.

Election results: Partial official results show Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ party with just over 40% of the vote, while main rival Syriza party received just under 18%.
* New Democracy is projected to win around 157 or 158 of Parliament’s 300 seats.

Mitsotakis’ focus: The party campaigned on a platform of securing economic growth and political stability as Greece recovers from a nearly decade-long financial crisis.
* Mitsotakis, a Harvard graduate, comes from a prominent Greek political family and aims to rebrand Greece as a pro-business and fiscally responsible euro zone member.

Other parties in Parliament: Eight parties are projected to surpass the 3% threshold to enter Parliament, including an ultra-religious party and a far-right party backed by a jailed former lawmaker from the now-outlawed Golden Dawn party.

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