Harvard professor who studies dishonesty is accused of falsifying data

Harvard professor Francesca Gino, known for researching dishonesty, is accused of submitting work containing falsified results.

The scandal: Several individuals, including a colleague, claim that Gino tampered with data in at least four papers.
* Gino is currently on administrative leave from Harvard Business School.
* The university has been investigating a series of papers involving Gino over the past year.
* In a statement shared on LinkedIn, Gino said she takes the allegations seriously and they will be addressed, but did not deny or admit to any wrongdoing.

Investigations and retractions: The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has retracted a 2012 paper that Harvard found had added and altered figures in its database.
* DataColada, a group of three investigators, claims to have found evidence of fraud spanning over a decade in Gino’s works, most recently in 2020.
* The group shared their concerns with Harvard Business School in 2021, and believes that many more Gino-authored papers may contain fake data.

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