An Indigenous lacrosse team reclaims its native identity

The Haudenosaunee Nationals lacrosse team seeks to showcase Indigenous excellence and reclaim its native identity at the World Lacrosse Championships.

Name change: Previously known as the “Iroquois Nationals,” the team adopted the Haudenosaunee name to reflect their proper Indigenous identity.
* Haudenosaunee means “people of the longhouse.”
* Onondaga Chief Oren Lyons says the name change is a “correction of history.”

Historical and cultural significance: Lacrosse originates from the Haudenosaunee and other Indigenous nations across North America, holding deep spiritual and cultural meaning.
* The game was played for centuries as a sacred gift from the Creator and a medicine game.

In competition: The Haudenosaunee Nationals began the tournament with an 18-5 win against England but later experienced a 7-9 loss to defending champions USA.

Beyond sports: General Manager Darcy Powless emphasizes that their participation in the tournament is an opportunity to uplift an Indigenous tradition that survived colonialism, celebrating its growth and significance, and potentially showcasing the Haudenosaunee’s participation in the 2028 Summer Olympics.

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