A Texas airport worker died after being sucked into the engine of a Delta plane

A Texas airport worker was killed after being ingested into the engine of a Delta plane at San Antonio International Airport.

The incident: The worker was sucked into the engine of an Airbus A319 arriving from Los Angeles while it was taxiing to the gate on one engine.
* The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is currently gathering information about the event.

Background: The victim was employed by Unifi, a company contracted by Delta to provide ground handling operations at many U.S. airports.
* Delta and San Antonio International Airport expressed their condolences regarding the loss of the worker.

By the numbers: Boeing reported in a 2008 company magazine that it had seen 37 incidents of engine ingestions, including five fatalities, on its first two generations of 737 aircrafts over approximately a 40-year span.
* This is the NTSB’s second investigation into an engine ingestion incident in the last seven months.

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