Black-owned radio station may lose license over FCC ‘character qualifications’ policy

Joe Armstrong, owner of WJBE, Knoxville’s only black-owned radio station, faces potential license revocation from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) due to a prior felony conviction.

Background: Armstrong’s 2016 conviction for making a false statement on his tax return has led the FCC to question his character qualifications.
* Armstrong, a former state representative, took ownership of WJBE in 2012.

The big picture: WJBE serves as an important source of news and information for the black community in Knoxville.
* The station broadcasts local news, weather, church services, and information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

What’s happening: Armstrong is being represented by the Institute for Justice, a civil rights group, in his fight against the FCC.
* Andrew Ward, Armstrong’s attorney, argues that his past conviction is irrelevant to his ability to responsibly operate WJBE.

Precedents: The FCC has placed other licensees into hearing status due to previous felonies, such as Michael Hubbard of Auburn Network Inc. in Alabama, who did not have his licenses revoked.

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