A hoopster from Senegal has a ball — and wins a medal — at 2023 Special Olympics

Ablaye Ndiaye from Senegal wins a bronze medal in basketball at the 2023 Special Olympics World Games in Berlin.

Highlight moment: Ndiaye carried the Olympic torch during the opening ceremony, cheered on by a crowd of 50,000.
* Ndiaye is the captain of Senegal’s 34-athlete delegation and has Down syndrome.

Unified team: Senegal’s basketball team is an inclusive mix of athletes with and without disabilities, promoting social inclusion.
* The Special Olympics supports unified sports locally and features unified competitions.

Challenging stigma: Special Olympics Senegal works to break down stigma around intellectual disabilities and connect young people to broader networks of care.
* The organization partners with health-care providers, government agencies, and NGOs to facilitate services such as free health screenings, educational referrals, and support for parents.

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