What we’ve learned from pro-Trump attorney John Eastman’s state bar trial

Pro-Trump attorney John Eastman is fighting to keep his law license during a state bar trial in California, where he’s accused of pushing false election fraud claims.

The trial: The State Bar of California alleges that Eastman promoted an “unlawful” scheme to overturn the 2020 election results and should lose his law license.
* Eastman’s attorney, Randy Miller, argues that Eastman’s legal theories were “tenable” and a matter of “scholarly debate.”

Witnesses and testimonies: Eastman intends to call far-right figures as witnesses, while the State Bar plans to call election officials from across the country.
* Judge Yvette Roland blocked testimony from multiple people Eastman wanted to call as expert witnesses, ruling them irrelevant.

Consequences and timeline: Eastman’s trial is expected to take about two weeks, after which the judge will issue a ruling that could be appealed, with the California Supreme Court having the final say on Eastman’s law license status.

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