Up past curfew, the party lasts all night at a basement dance club in Ukraine

Despite ongoing war and curfew in Kharkiv, Ukraine, residents find solace in underground dance clubs.

Defying curfew: People gather in basement clubs, dancing, drinking, and enjoying themselves, ignoring the 11 p.m. curfew imposed by authorities.
* Such underground clubs usually serve as shelters during shelling in the war-torn city.

Momentary escape: The tension felt above ground due to closed businesses, boarded-up windows, and destroyed buildings dissipates once inside the clubs.
* Attendees let go of the stress and anxiety caused by the ongoing war and indulge in entertainment.

Evading police: After police told patrons to go home at 11 p.m., people quietly moved to the back door and re-entered the club within 30 minutes.
* The party resumed after a brief interruption, enabling people to continue taking a break from the reality of living in a war zone.

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