U.S. Starbucks workers join in a weeklong strike over stores not allowing Pride décor

Over 3,000 Starbucks employees in over 150 locations are participating in a weeklong strike after unions accused the company of not allowing Pride month decorations.

Driving the news: Starbucks Workers United reported employees in 21 states were denied the ability to display Pride month decorations such as rainbow flags.
* The explanations given for not allowing decorations have been inconsistent, with reasons such as lack of time, safety concerns, and ladder use restrictions.

Starbucks’ response: The company denies any changes to its Pride month decoration policy and states that decisions about store decor are up to regional managers.
* Starbucks has investigated some stores accused of refusing Pride decor and found no evidence of discrimination so far.

Strike details: The strike began on Friday and is considered the longest and largest in Starbucks Workers United’s history, potentially causing temporary closures of some stores.
* Starbucks plans to offer additional shifts to non-striking employees to maintain operations during the strike.

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