The U.S. Navy heard the likely implosion of the missing Titan sub on Sunday

The U.S. Navy detected the likely implosion of the missing Titan submersible hours before the Coast Guard shared its disappearance, potentially rendering the five-day search efforts futile.

The detection: The Navy identified “an anomaly consistent with an implosion or explosion” in acoustic data from the area where the Titan went missing, according to a senior Navy official.
* This information was shared with the Incident Commander but remained uncertain, so the mission continued as a search and rescue.

The submersible: The 22-foot-long Titan was carrying four tourists and a pilot, losing communication with its control ship less than two hours into its dive on Sunday, approximately 900 miles off Cape Cod’s coast.
* A complex search operation involving international ships, surveillance aircraft, and undersea drones was launched.

Reaction and outcome: The discovery of the sub’s tail cone and other debris on the seafloor led to authorities declaring all five people aboard dead.
* The cause of the implosion remains unknown, and the safety record of OceanGate, the private company behind the sub, and the Titan’s ability to withstand pressure at extreme depths have both faced scrutiny.

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