The Supreme Court sides with the Biden administration in a fight over immigration

The Supreme Court sided with the Biden administration in a legal battle over immigration enforcement guidelines.

The legal battle: Texas and Louisiana sued the Biden administration over its immigration enforcement guidelines, arguing that the guidelines prevented authorities from doing their jobs.
* The Supreme Court held by a vote of 8-1 that the states lacked standing to challenge the guidelines.

Majority opinion: Justice Brett Kavanaugh described the legal challenge as “an extraordinarily unusual lawsuit.”
* Chief Justice John Roberts and the court’s liberals joined Kavanaugh in the majority opinion.
* Justices Amy Coney Barrett and Neil Gorsuch wrote separate, concurring opinions with a different legal rationale.

The lone dissent: Only Justice Samuel Alito dissented, arguing Texas and Louisiana had met the requirements for standing and should have been allowed to sue.

Reactions to the ruling: The decision prompted mixed reactions, with Texas Governor Greg Abbott calling it “outrageous” and immigration advocates celebrating as a victory.
* The implications of the decision might be limited due to its narrow scope.

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