House opens impeachment probe of Biden after GOP leaders head off push to vote now

The House of Representatives has approved a resolution referring articles of impeachment against President Biden to two committees, slowing down a push from House conservatives.

Behind the resolution: Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., introduced the measure focusing on immigration and border issues, alleging President Biden violated federal immigration laws leading to increased migration.
* The resolution was approved on Thursday 219-208 along party lines.
* Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene had also filed an impeachment resolution earlier this year, but it was not widely supported within the GOP conference.

Divisions within GOP: Boebert’s abrupt move threatened to derail other House action and divided House Republicans, but House Speaker Kevin McCarthy negotiated with Boebert and other conservatives to refer the measure to the relevant House panels.
* McCarthy stressed the importance of following “regular order” and contrasting with the process Democrats used for the second Trump impeachment.

Reaction to the resolution: While Republicans argued about Biden administration’s failure to address immigration issues, Democrats pushed back and cited conservative think tank Cato Institute’s article stating that Biden’s policies are similar to those under former President Trump.
* White House spokesman Iam Sams criticized GOP lawmakers for focusing on “baseless political stunts” instead of important issues.

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