3 things to know about Guatemala’s elections

Guatemala is facing a critical election with a high degree of voter apathy and many popular candidates barred from running.

The big picture: Guatemalans will vote on Sunday for a new president, vice president and Congress, with a record-low turnout expected due to widespread disillusionment.
* Three popular candidates have been declared ineligible in court decisions that are widely seen as politically motivated.

Apathy reigns: Just 17% of Guatemalans trust the electoral system, and only half of eligible young people are registered to vote.
* In the last election, the president won with just 11% of the population’s votes, highlighting the low engagement with politics.

The erosion of democracy: Guatemala’s political landscape has shifted significantly in the past decade, with the country trading in anti-corruption efforts for increased power held by the economic and political elite.
* Independent judges and journalists are now facing exile, and popular protests or international pressure are no longer as influential.

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