WSJ reporter Evan Gershkovich loses appeal, will remain in Russian detention

WSJ reporter Evan Gershkovich’s appeal was rejected by Russia’s Moscow City Court, and he will remain in detention on espionage charges.

Rejecting the appeal: Gershkovich’s appeal sought to overturn a court ruling in May that extended his pretrial detention for three months, through at least August 30.
* Authorities have not provided any evidence to support their allegations against Gershkovich.
* The U.S. says he is being “wrongfully detained” and must be released immediately.

Family visit: Gershkovich’s parents attended the hearing, and they were able to briefly see their son and talk with him through an opening in the glass and metal cage from which he viewed the proceeding.

Allegations and context: The court noted the charges accuse Gershkovich of collecting information about Russia’s military-industrial complex.
* Russia’s move to detain a U.S. journalist for the first time in decades is seen as an escalation in seizing leverage in negotiations and suppressing journalism operations inside Russia.

Official statements: U.S. State Department Principal Deputy Spokesman Vedant Patel called the legal process a “sham” and reiterated that Gershkovich is “wrongfully detained” and “targeted for simply doing his job” as a journalist.

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