While sub disappearance transfixes some, many say their focus is on other calamities

While the disappearance of a submersible carrying wealthy tourists to the Titanic wreckage captures global attention, many prioritize other crises such as the recent migrant boat disaster.

Contrasting stories: The submersible story has made headlines globally, but some argue it should not eclipse the migrant boat sinking near Greece, which resulted in many deaths.
* Wealthy adventurers on the submersible contrast sharply with the desperate migrants searching for a better life.

Regional perspectives: In Pakistan, where two of the sub passengers are from, people are focused on both stories, but empathize more with the migrant situation.
* Many are praying for the safe return of the passengers on the sub, but also for the families affected by the migrant boat tragedy.

Media coverage: Middle Eastern countries and the Arab Gulf have shown less interest in the submersible story, focusing more on ongoing conflicts and regional issues.
* Some argue that the disparity in attention to the two stories sends a message that “our lives are cheap comparatively.”

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