Up First: Modi’s state visit, Titan search continues, East Palestine train hearings

Today’s top news includes Indian Prime Minister Modi’s state visit, the ongoing search for passengers on the Titan submersible, and the NTSB hearing on the East Palestine train derailment.

Modi’s state visit: President Biden is welcoming Prime Minister Modi with a black-tie dinner, highlighting the importance of the US-India relationship.
* However, more than 70 Democratic Congress members have signed a letter urging Biden to address human rights issues in India.

Titan search continues: Time is running out, and oxygen supplies onboard the Titan submersible are dwindling as search efforts for the missing five passengers continue.
* Officials caution the public not to draw conclusions from recent “banging sounds” heard during the search.

East Palestine train hearings: The NTSB will investigate the cause of the February train derailments in East Palestine, Ohio, which led to the release of toxic chemicals.
* The hearings will look into hot box systems, train wheel bearings, emergency response preparation, and the decision to vent and burn chemicals in the train cars.

US education scores: US reading and math scores have fallen to their lowest levels in decades, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress.
* Math scores reveal a widening learning gap based on gender and race, with lower-performing students experiencing more significant drops in scores.

In other news: GOOD Meat received USDA approval to sell a chicken product grown directly from animal cells, and the FTC is suing Amazon over allegations of tricking millions of consumers into buying hard-to-cancel Prime memberships.

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