Ukraine’s troops long planned their move on Russian forces. Then came the flood

Ukrainian forces faced challenges in their planned counteroffensive against Russian forces due to flooding caused by the destruction of the Kakhovka dam.

On the ground: Ukrainian soldiers had spent months preparing fortifications and reconnaissance along the Dnipro River before flooding disrupted these efforts.
* The flood damaged towns, infrastructure, and farmland, creating obstacles for both Ukrainian and Russian troops.

Controversy over the dam: Russia denies responsibility for the dam’s destruction, but Ukrainian security services claim intercepted communications point to a group of Russian saboteurs.
* Some Ukrainian soldiers, like Andriy, believe the flooding was an intentional act of sabotage against Ukraine.

Soldiers’ stories: Ukrainian fighters engaged in risky reconnaissance missions on the river islands, facing constant shelling and attack drones to monitor Russian troop movements.
* Despite the unexpected flooding, many Ukrainian soldiers expressed determination to continue fighting to reclaim their land from Russian forces.

Concerns for the future: The aftermath of the flooding raises concerns for Ukraine, including the dangers of dislodged landmines and loss of farmland.
* Soldiers, like Andriy, recognize that recovery from these events will take time even after their planned counteroffensive.

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