Kesha and Dr. Luke reach a settlement over rape and defamation claims

Pop star Kesha and producer Dr. Luke have reached a settlement in their nearly decade-long legal battle over Kesha’s rape accusation and Dr. Luke’s defamation claim.

Announcing the settlement: Both Kesha and Dr. Luke took to Instagram to announce their agreement to “a resolution” of the case.
* Kesha stated, “only God knows what happened that night,” while Dr. Luke maintained that he “never drugged or assaulted her.”

Dispute background: The legal battle between Kesha and Dr. Luke began in 2014, with the singer accusing him of drugging and raping her in 2005 and psychologically tormenting her throughout their working relationship.
* Dr. Luke countersued Kesha, claiming she made false accusations to tarnish his reputation and get out of her record contract.

Impact on careers: Kesha’s career stalled during the legal standoff, with her first album in five years released in 2017, while Dr. Luke’s career also took a hit, but he eventually returned to success under the name Tyson Trax.

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