Family members backed the $500,000 bond that freed Rep. Santos from jail

Family members backed the $500,000 bond that freed Rep. George Santos from jail.

Identifying the backers: A federal court in Long Island revealed that Santos’ father, Gercino dos Santos Jr., and aunt Elma Santos Preven, backed the bond.
* For weeks, the identity of his backers remained unknown, causing widespread speculation.

Legal arguments: Santos and his attorney argued releasing the names could expose the congressman’s backers to a public backlash and put them at risk of “attacks and harassment.”
* Attorneys representing media outlets argued transparency serves the public interest, and two federal judges sided with news organizations.

Background: Rep. George Santos faces 13 charges, including fraud, money-laundering, and theft, and has pleaded not guilty.
* His false personal and professional resume revelations sparked local, state, and federal investigations, including an ongoing review by the House Ethics Committee.

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