Biden warmly welcomes India’s Modi despite questions about human rights issues

President Biden warmly welcomes India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi despite concerns about human rights issues in India.

Balancing act: Biden is trying to maintain a balance between his focus on human rights in foreign policy and the importance of the US-India partnership in countering China’s influence.
* India is considered an indispensable partner in the US’s geopolitical strategy.
* However, experts are worried about the decline of democratic values under Modi’s rule.

Congress urges Biden: More than 70 Democratic members of Congress have signed a letter urging Biden to discuss human rights and democratic values during Modi’s visit.
* The White House is concerned about press freedom and religious liberty in India and has raised these matters privately with Indian officials.

The China factor: The US-India relationship is seen as very important in stabilizing the security situation in the Indo-Pacific region and countering China’s influence.
* Bilateral deals include jointly producing GE’s F414 jet engine in India and a new Micron semiconductor facility.
* Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress share concerns about China’s impact in the region.

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