A Mississippi teen unpacks how the Jackson water crisis impacts education

Mississippi teen Georgianna McKenny wins NPR’s fifth-annual Student Podcast Challenge for her podcast on the Jackson water crisis and its impact on education.

Highlighting the crisis: McKenny’s podcast features her 17-year-old cousin Mariah’s experience living in Jackson without access to clean water, especially during a few tough days in January.
* The water crisis resulted in several days of virtual learning and challenges at schools, such as bathrooms being shut down, overcrowded classrooms, and unstable water pressure.

Schools affected: In January, all Jackson Public Schools went virtual for two days due to little to no water pressure making it difficult to prepare meals and flush toilets.
* Some schools had to relocate students and adjust classrooms, leading to unpredictable circumstances.

An ongoing issue: The water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi, has been ongoing for years, and McKenny’s podcast brings attention to the impact it has had on students’ education and well-being.
* The Jackson Public Schools reported that, apart from a few boil-water notices and one high school returning to virtual learning in February, the rest of the school year operated largely as usual.

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