This WWII battle wasn’t against Nazis. It was between Black and white GIs in England

The Battle of Bamber Bridge, a deadly conflict between Black and white American soldiers in England during World War II, remains unresolved 80 years later.

The backstory: Black soldiers stationed in Bamber Bridge, England faced racism and discrimination from white American soldiers during World War II.
* The conflict between the Black and white soldiers resulted in one Black soldier being shot dead and more than 30 others court-martialed for mutiny.
* The U.S. military was racially segregated at the time, maintaining separation between white and nonwhite soldiers, even internationally.

Calls for justice: Eighty years later, the soldiers involved in the conflict have not been exonerated, but residents of Bamber Bridge have led a push for justice for them.
* Many of the Black soldiers who returned home faced difficulties and never shared their experiences of the battle.
* U.S. government representatives and Bamber Bridge residents will work together to remember the soldiers in an anniversary ceremony.

The bigger picture: This conflict highlights the struggles that Black American soldiers faced both at home and abroad during the war, fighting racism and discrimination while also supporting efforts against fascism.

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