OceanGate wants to change deep-sea tourism, but its missing sub highlights the risks

OceanGate, a company offering deep-sea tourism, faces scrutiny after its Titan submersible went missing with five people aboard near the Titanic wreck.

Driving the news: The company, known for its “innovative use of materials and state-of-the-art technology,” is on the cutting edge of deep-ocean exploration tourism and has gained attention due to the missing submersible.
* The submersible has garnered attention for offering trips to the Titanic wreck for approximately $250,000.

The big picture: The deep-sea tourism industry is relatively new, with OceanGate pushing the boundaries of tourist experiences by offering trips to extreme depths.
* However, submersible expert Jon Council cautions that “there are just a multitude of things that can go wrong.”

Who said what: OceanGate founder and CEO Stockton Rush argues they don’t take tourists, but rather “explorers” who document their experiences.
* CBS Sunday Morning correspondent David Pogue, who experienced a trip on Titan, says it is “for rich, adrenaline junkie adventurers who thrive on the risk.”

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