Mother-daughter relationships are fraught. Jenny Xie explores how

Jenny Xie’s new novel, Holding Pattern, explores the intricacies and challenges of mother-daughter relationships.

Who is she: Jenny Xie is a writer and editor based in Brooklyn, New York, originally from Shanghai. Holding Pattern is her debut novel.
* The novel focuses on a character, Kathleen, who moves back in with her mother after her engagement falls apart and her academic career is put on pause.

The big picture: Xie’s novel addresses various complex issues, including the impact of migration on a family, imperfect mothering, and cultural boundaries.
* It also discusses Marissa, the mother’s, migration from China to the United States and its effect on her relationship with her daughter.

What she’s saying: Xie shares her thoughts on the mother-daughter relationship and how the novel tackles these complex issues.
* She emphasizes the importance of examining the added complexity in immigrant families, where values and world views might differ.

In addition, the novel includes a large cast of Chinese women characters to explore different aspects of the immigrant experience.
* Xie wanted to provide a glimpse into Marissa’s world and what she might have left behind when coming to the United States.

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