Justice Alito refutes ProPublica report that he took a luxury trip with billionaire

Justice Samuel Alito denies ProPublica’s allegations that he took a luxury trip with billionaire Paul Singer and failed to recuse himself from related cases at the Supreme Court.

Background: ProPublica alleges that Alito did not disclose his 2008 trip with Singer, after which Singer’s hedge fund brought at least 10 cases to the Supreme Court.
* One such case in 2014 involved a dispute between Singer’s hedge fund and Argentina, where Alito and the court’s majority favored Singer, resulting in a $2.4 billion gain for Elliott Management.

Alito’s rebuttal: In a preemptive op-ed, Alito refutes the allegations, stating he had no obligation to recuse himself and that he was unaware of Singer’s connections to the cases in question.
* Alito insists that even if he had been aware, recusal would not have been appropriate.

Comparisons and implications: The allegations come after an April ProPublica report detailing a 20-year relationship between Justice Clarence Thomas and Republican billionaire donor Harlan Crow, which led to a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Supreme Court ethics and calls for stronger rules for justices.

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