Greek court orders smuggling suspects held pending trial over migrant ship disaster

Nine men suspected of crewing a migrant smuggling ship that sank off Greece, leaving over 500 missing, have been detained as new accounts detail the sinking and conditions on the journey from Libya to Italy.

The charges: The Egyptian suspects face charges including participation in a criminal organization, manslaughter, and causing a shipwreck.
* On June 14, the shipwreck left only 104 men and youths survived, while 82 bodies were recovered.

Survivor accounts: About 750 people paid thousands of dollars each for a berth on the battered blue fishing trawler, and most were denied food and water during the five-day journey.
* The ship sank within minutes in calm seas during a botched attempt to tow it.

Current response: Greece has been criticized for not trying to save the migrants before the sinking, but officials say passengers refused help and rejected evacuation off the overcrowded ship.

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