Experts raised concerns about potential problems with submersibles and their tours

Experts have raised concerns about potential problems with submersibles and their tours, focusing on the now-missing Titan submersible.

The backstory: NPR’s A Martinez interviewed Will Kohnen, chairman of the Marine Technology Society’s Submarine Group.
* The discussion revolved around concerns raised about the development of the Titan submersible, which is currently missing.

The big picture: The concerns raised by experts highlight potential safety risks associated with submersibles and their tours.
* Issues could include manufacturing, maintenance, and operational hazards.

Between the lines: The case of the missing Titan submersible underscores the need for addressing these concerns in the development and operation of submersible tours.
* Ensuring safety of passengers and crew should be a top priority.

The big question: As these concerns are brought to light, will changes be made in the submersible industry to mitigate risks and prevent future incidents?

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