Election workers are facing threats and harassment as they brace for 2024

Election workers in the United States report facing threats and harassment as they prepare for the 2024 elections.

The big picture: NPR interviewed election workers and officials from 22 different states, revealing a pattern of threats, feelings of danger in their jobs, and concerns for their families’ safety.
* Many workers have requested anonymity due to fear of further harassment or threats.
* These workers are Republicans, Democrats, and independents, including senior citizen volunteers.

Under siege: Some election officials report needing security escorts or even carrying weapons to feel safe, while others worry about the safety of their colleagues in future elections.
* A survey from the nonprofit Brennan Center found almost half of election workers worried about their coworkers’ safety.

Impact on the job: The constant harassment and feelings of being targeted may cause some election workers to quit, worrying county clerks and potentially impacting election processes.

Taking action: Local law enforcement and the U.S. Department of Justice are investigating threats against election workers, with some states passing laws to increase penalties for threatening election workers and protect their personal information.

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