Blinken visited China. Then Biden called Xi a dictator. So what comes next?

In the midst of improving US-China relations, President Biden’s recent remark referring to President Xi Jinping as a “dictator” raises concerns about the future of diplomatic relations between the two nations.

Driving the news: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited China recently, and the trip was seen as a success by government officials.
* US Ambassador to China, Nicholas Burns, highlighted the importance of continuity, open communication channels, and working on areas of disagreement and cooperation.

Tensions rise: President Biden’s comment during a California fundraiser called Chinese President Xi Jinping a “dictator,” leading to a strong response from China.
* China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Mao Ning, called the remarks a “blatant political provocation” that violated diplomatic protocol and infringed on China’s political dignity.

Moving Forward: Despite the potential impact of Biden’s remark, Ambassador Nicholas Burns emphasized the need to maintain a position of strength in the Indo-Pacific and to promote human rights values.
* Following Blinken’s visit, China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang has been invited to Washington, with other US cabinet officials expected to visit China in the coming months.

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