A year after Yellowstone floods, fishing guides have to learn ‘a whole new river’

A year after the Yellowstone floods, fishing guides are adapting to the altered river landscape.

Impact of the floods: Last June, flooding in the Yellowstone National Park area damaged homes, ranch properties, roads, boat ramps, and fishing access sites, and changed some sections of the Yellowstone River.
* The flooding created new channels and altered existing ones, which fly fishing guides must now relearn.

Ecological benefits: Despite the destruction caused by the flooding, it provided benefits for fish habitat, creating new spots for fish to hide.
* More than 400,000 visitors fish in Montana each year, contributing about $1.3 billion in spending.

Fish populations: Experts are unsure of the floods’ effect on fish populations, but do not expect significant losses.
* Fisheries biologist Scott Opitz compares the floods’ impact to a wildfire event, where initial damage is followed by system rejuvenation.

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