Here’s the latest on the missing Titanic sub and the race to rescue those inside

A submersible vessel with five people on board exploring the Titanic wreckage is missing in the North Atlantic, and rescue efforts are ongoing.

The situation: The vessel named Titan lost communication with its control center on Sunday morning during its scheduled dive, with oxygen lasting only about two more days.
* The vessel is operated by OceanGate, a company that offers underwater voyages to explore the remains of the Titanic.
* It was carrying one pilot and four “mission specialists,” including British businessman Hamish Harding and members of a prominent Pakistani family.

Why it’s important: The disappearance of the submersible highlights the potential risks of deep-sea tourism.
* OceanGate’s missions come with a price tag of $250,000 per person, and the vessel rarely reaches the Titanic wreckage due to technical difficulties and challenges.

The search so far: International rescue crews have covered an area roughly the size of Connecticut, but have not detected any sound from the missing submersible.
* Rescue operations face challenges such as crushing pressures, icy waters, and lack of light at lower depths.

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