A Palestinian attacker kills at least 4 people at a West Bank gas station

A Palestinian attacker killed at least four people at a West Bank gas station, escalating violence in the region.

The attack: A Palestinian assailant opened fire at a gas station near an Israeli settlement, killing four people and wounding several others before being shot.
* Hamas claimed both assailants as members, and Palestinian militant groups praised the attack in response to Monday’s deadly military raid in the northern Jenin refugee camp.

Reinforcements and response: The Israeli military will send reinforcements to the West Bank, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowing to “settle the score with the murderers.”
* Following the attack, some Israeli settlers drove to northern Palestinian towns and engaged in violence, including hurling stones and smashing cars.

Tensions rising: The surge in violence has killed 128 Palestinians and 24 people on the Israeli side so far this year, prompting concerns of a possible greater conflagration.
* Various factors, including rising militancy among a new generation of Palestinians and the far-right government’s stance against Palestinians, have fueled the violence.

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