The FAA is investigating the latest close-call after Minneapolis runway incident

The FAA is investigating a close-call between American Airlines and Delta planes at Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport.

The incident: On Wednesday evening, air traffic controllers instructed American Airlines Flight 2406 to abort its landing because Delta Flight 1163, cleared to land, was still on the runway.
* The American Airlines Boeing 737 passed above and to the left side of the Delta Airbus A220.
* Radar estimates show the planes were within 200 feet vertically and 850 feet horizontally of each other.

Previous close-calls: Similar incidents occurred at John F. Kennedy International Airport in January, and at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in February.
* In March, the FAA issued an alert emphasizing the need for vigilance and urging airlines to mitigate safety risks.

By the numbers: In 2022, there were 1,732 runway incursions, and 1,139 incursions have been recorded so far this year.

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