Multiple mass shootings across the U.S. leave at least 6 dead on holiday weekend

Multiple mass shootings over the weekend across the U.S. leave at least six dead and dozens injured.

The big picture: The violence follows a surge in homicides and shootings in recent years, which experts say accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic.
* Researchers disagree on the cause of the increase, with theories ranging from the prevalence of guns, less aggressive police tactics, or a decline in prosecutions for misdemeanor weapon offenses.

Weekend shootings: Events took place in Willowbrook, Illinois; Washington state; central Pennsylvania; St. Louis; Southern California; and Baltimore.
* Illinois saw the largest number of people injured, with 23 shot, one fatally, at a Juneteenth celebration.

Impact on communities: The tragic shootings incite fear and disrupt public events, leading to cancellations and calls for stronger action against gun violence.

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