Defense arguments to begin in youth climate trial in Montana

Youth climate lawsuit in Montana reaches trial, with plaintiffs arguing the state has violated their constitutional rights.

In court: Sixteen young plaintiffs are suing Montana state leaders, claiming the promotion of fossil fuels and neglect of scientific evidence on climate change violates their right to a “clean and healthful environment”.
* This is the only youth climate lawsuit to reach trial in the US.

Plaintiff experiences: Twelve of the plaintiffs took the stand, sharing their experiences living in Montana’s changing climate due to wildfires and thick smoke.
* The plaintiffs are asking the state to set a limit on greenhouse gas emissions.

State defense: Montana’s attorneys argued that the state’s emissions are too small to make a difference in global climate change, effectively relegating Montana’s role to that of a spectator.
* The state’s attorneys will not call one of their top expert witnesses, Judith Curry, a climatologist who disagrees with the scientific consensus on climate change.

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