He saw the ghost of his racist grandfather. It helped lead to meaningful healing

The encounter with the apparition of a man’s racist grandfather leads to a journey of understanding and healing.

The experience: Blake’s wife saw a white man standing over their bed, later identified as Blake’s racist grandfather.
* Blake sought advice from friends and a pastor, who suggested the grandfather was seeking forgiveness.

Forgiveness and understanding: Blake forgave his grandfather, empathizing with the environment in which he was raised and absorbed racism.
* By getting to know his grandfather, Blake realized he was more than his worst act, leading to a healthier connection with his family.

Critiques of reconciliation: Some argue that personal racial reconciliation can be seen as putting an unfair burden on Black people.
* Blake believes that telling more hopeful stories about overcoming racism can inspire change and challenge the belief that racism is a permanent part of American society.

No further encounters: Blake has not seen his grandfather’s apparition since he began his journey of understanding and forgiveness.

Family pride: Blake ultimately feels pride for his mother, who overcame her own challenges, including mental illness and institutionalization.

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