Collapsed I-95 in Philadelphia will open within the next 2 weeks, governor says

The collapsed I-95 section in Philadelphia is expected to reopen within two weeks, according to Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro.

Collapse cause: On June 11, a gasoline tanker caught fire beneath an overpass, leading to a section of the highway collapsing.
* The accident led to the death of the truck driver, Nathan Moody, 53.

Current situation: The scorched part of the highway has been closed in both directions for construction purposes.
* On a typical day, around 160,000 vehicles would pass through this section.

Funding for repairs: The federal government released $3 million in emergency funds to help with rebuilding costs.
* President Biden said “a lot more” federal funding will arrive in Pennsylvania “in the coming weeks.”

Importance of I-95: The Interstate 95 is a major highway on the East Coast, stretching nearly 2,000 miles from Maine to Florida.

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