Donald Triplett, the 1st person diagnosed with autism, dies at 89

Donald Triplett, the first person diagnosed with autism, has died at the age of 89.

Remembering “Case 1”: Triplett was the subject of numerous articles, a book titled “In a Different Key,” a PBS documentary film, and a BBC news magazine installment.
* He worked for 65 years at the Bank of Forest in Mississippi, where he was known simply as “Don.”

Impact on autism research: Triplett’s autism diagnosis came from a 22-page letter sent by his parents to a Johns Hopkins researcher, providing valuable insights into the disorder.
* The letter remains a primary reference document for those who study autism.

Notable abilities: Triplett, a savant, was able to quickly multiply large numbers in his head, and his story offers hope to parents of children who are different, providing an example of someone who lived a happy and full life.

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