Debut novel ‘The God of Good Looks’ adds to growing canon of Caribbean literature

The debut novel “The God of Good Looks” by Trinidadian author Breanne Mc Ivor adds to the growing canon of Caribbean literature.

Rising Caribbean literature: The past decade has seen a surge in high-profile novels from the Caribbean and the Caribbean diaspora due to support from international media and festivals, book prizes, and the rising influence of social media book influencers.
* Authors like Marlon James and Nicole Dennis-Benn are building on the legacy of Caribbean writers such as Derek Walcott, V.S. Naipaul, and Sam Selvon.

Plot and themes: “The God of Good Looks” explores the collision of class, culture, and big personalities in Trinidad.
* The novel follows the lives of Bianca Bridges, a talented aspiring journalist, and Obadiah Cortland, a ruthless entrepreneur and local media mogul.

Exploring Trinidadian society: Mc Ivor’s novel offers an incisive look into modern Trinidad’s social dynamics from contrasting perspectives of wealth and poverty and touches on themes of beauty, gender, class, and culture.

Recommended reads: The article includes a list of new contemporary fiction to explore during Caribbean-American History month, such as works by Kevin Jared Hosein, Ayanna Lloyd Banwo, Jacqueline Crooks, and others.

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