The U.S. must set up regular engagement with China, Rep. Andy Kim says

Rep. Andy Kim advocates for regular engagement between the U.S. and China ahead of Secretary of State Blinken’s visit to China.

What they said: Rep. Kim, a member of the House China committee, discusses the importance of maintaining communication with Beijing in a recent NPR interview.
* He emphasizes the need for consistent dialogue to address mutual concerns and improve relations.

Why it matters: Establishing regular engagement with China could help foster understanding and cooperation on critical global issues.
* Tackling challenges such as climate change, trade, and regional security requires collaboration and open communication between the two countries.

The big picture: The U.S. and China are the world’s leading powers and have the opportunity to shape international policy in significant ways.
* Working together on shared interests and resolving disagreements through diplomatic channels can contribute to a more stable and secure global order.

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