Reddit CEO Steve Huffman: ‘It’s time we grow up and behave like an adult company’

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman addressed the recent mass protest and API charges, stating the platform needs to mature and act like an adult company.

The big picture: Reddit faced a boycott when moderators of nearly 9,000 subreddits made their groups private, in response to new fees for third-party apps to access the site’s data.
* Huffman claimed the protest involved a small but vocal group that did not represent the majority of Reddit users.

By the numbers: Reddit has 57 million daily users, and 97% do not use third-party apps to browse the site.
* Four popular mobile Reddit apps have announced plans to close due to the new costs, but Huffman is open to negotiations with most third-party developers.

Looking forward: Reddit filed for an IPO in 2021, and plans to go public are reportedly being discussed again this year.
* Huffman emphasized the need for the company to be sustainable, whether or not it goes public.

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