Pfizer warns of a looming penicillin supply shortage

Pfizer is facing a shortage of penicillin due to increased demand and more diagnoses of syphilis.

Driving the news: In a letter to customers this week, Pfizer warned of an “impending stock out situation” for select Bicillin L-A and Bicillin C-R prefilled syringes, which are injectable penicillin.
* Prefilled Bicillin L-A pediatric syringes are expected to begin running low by the end of June, while all Bicillin C-R syringes could start diminishing in the third quarter of this year.
* Inventory is predicted to start recovering in the second and third quarters of 2024.

Wider context: The scarcity of penicillin comes amid a long-term shortage of prescription drugs the U.S. has been experiencing for the last decade, usually due to disruptions in the supply chain.
* Other prescriptions, such as Adderall and children’s flu medication, have also been affected by this shortage.

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