He interviewed his daughter on her birthday for 17 years. This is what he learnt

Documentary filmmaker Jay Rosenblatt interviewed his daughter Ella on her birthday for 17 years, offering a unique insight into their relationship and modern childhood.

About the film: Rosenblatt’s documentary, “How Do You Measure A Year,” captures Ella’s growth from age two to 18 years old.
* The film was nominated for a 2023 Academy Award.
* Rosenblatt has a master’s degree in counseling psychology and previously worked as a therapist.
* His work often explores “our emotional and psychological cores.”

Key moments: The interviews cover a range of topics, such as power, their relationship, and Ella’s fears.
* On Ella’s 14th birthday, she confesses to not being entirely happy but “working on it.”
* Themes, like Ella’s love for singing, animals, and her family, are recurring.

Rosenblatt’s perspective: In an interview with All Things Considered’s Ailsa Chang, Rosenblatt shared his thoughts on the documentary.
* He opened up on including their fights in the film and how “making up” was important.
* Rosenblatt was touched by a scene where Ella spoke to the camera without him there.

Ella’s response: Now 22, Ella approves of the film, calling it “the truth” and feeling okay with it.
* “How Do You Measure A Year” is currently available for streaming on Max.

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